German pianist visits Israel

A German piano player, famous in his own country and fast becoming an international maestro, was touring Israel. After concluding one of Beethoven’s concertos at a concert hall in Haifa, he was surprised to hear the long continuation of the clapping because he had feared that Germans were still not fully trusted in Israel. He was pleased to oblige by playing the whole work again.

After finishing, the applause was similarly continuing. He obliged by repeating the last movement. But yet again the applause went on and on.

Though delighted, he was getting worried about his pressing next engagement. Nevertheless, he obliged and played some more of the concerto.

Still the same reaction by the audience. But this time, he announced that though he was most humbled by the appreciation, he really had to go because of a pressing engagement.

No sooner had he made this announcement than a voice from the back of the audience said "Play it again. Sit down and play it again. You will play it till you get it right!"