Blonde goes to a hairdresser

A young blonde, with iPod headset on, walks into a hairdresser and sits down for a full treatment, cut, wash, style...

Hairdresser goes to remove the headset but is stopped quickly by the blonde's hands and an alarmed "No, no, no!"

The hairdresser works as best as she can around the frame of the headset, snipping here and snipping there, combing at the back and front...

But the set needs to come off, so she plans to do it stealthily. She turns the lights down low and massages the scalp gently. Soon enough, the young women is relaxing and nodding off.

When sleep seems to have taken hold, she carefully removes the headset. She goes to work properly on the hair.

When all is done, she goes to wake the young lady who seems unusually sleepy but remembers the headset and thinks it wise to put them back on her first. But out of curiosity, she lifts the speakers to her own ears to see what cool music it might be.

It is not music! Just a voice calmly intoning : "Now breathe in, now breathe out..."

A normal phrase.