Big John

A young feller rushed into the only saloon of the small town shouting, "Big John is coming to town!".

The room cleared as the customers bolted. The bartender ducked under the bar. The kid ran out. There was a silence all around, broken only by the soft sound of a breeze that sent tumbleweeds rolling down the now deserted main street.

Then a shadow fell across the bar room. The doors were flung open. The floor trembled as a giant figure clumped across to the bar. It leaned over and hauled the crouching barman up to his feet.

"Give me a whiskey! And quick!", the giant roared.

"Yeeeesssir....", the terrified barman stammered and shakily clinked bottle to biggest glass in the saloon and pushed it towards the figure. The giant gulped his drink down and slammed the glass onto the bar.

The barman quickly moved to the glass with the bottle and stuttered out "A... a... a... another one, mis... mis... mister?"

"Nah, haven't got time! I got to get out of here! I heard Big John is coming to town".

A normal phrase.